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Inside, and Beyond „Nothingness”

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A brief introduction to the subquantum regime, where the origination of all the observable events and processes of tour physical world can be found. Descending along the scale supplied by the divisibility of Quanta toward increasingly fine structures bearing fractional charges, down to the infinitesimal values where Information couples to space and time, we penetrate into a new, still barely explored reality, which nonetheless is supported by the laws of modern physics. We just begin understanding the properties of the physical vacuum, where entities displaying collective coherent behavior patterns are at the background of all the manifestation forms described by Quantum mechanics. We postulate that these understanding apply also to the synergetic mechanisms linking the human brain to processes that run in Informatic space, due to the morphogenetic blueprints responsible for its specially adapted structure for processing Informatic fields that are encountered along the biological entity’s worldline. The Information transfer is accomplished by subquantum flux vectors propagating at super-luminal velocities, velocities that theoretically are not prohibited beyond the application range of relativistic constraints. All these processes run under higher control instances embedded in Bohm’s super-implicated orders of Reality.

CUNOAȘTEREA ȘTIINȚIFICĂ, Vol. 1, Nr. 1, Septembrie 2022, pp. 37-43
ISSN 2821 – 8086, ISSN – L 2821 – 8086
URL: https://www.cunoasterea.ro/inside-and-beyond-nothingness/

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