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The Adventures of Pinocchio (Annotated)

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The Adventures of Pinocchio, by Carlo Collodi (1826–1890)
Translated into English by Mary Alice Murray (1892)
Published by T. Fisher Unwin, 1892
Illustrated by Enrico Mazzanti (1850–1910)
Addendum (author‘s biography and presentation of the book): A Children’s Book for Adults, by Nicolae Sfetcu

The Adventures of Pinocchio recounts the adventures of an animated puppet named Pinocchio, who moves independently. He underwent transformations during the novel, and is often described as wearing a pointed hat, a jacket, and a pair of knee-length colored pants (called „caprietti”). Pinocchio’s nose is his best-known feature. He grows taller when he tells a lie.
The Adventures of Pinocchio focus on the psychological investigation of his central character, as he tries to discover a humanity lost in the vacuum of technology and science. The book can also be approached through the prism of the philosophy of mind, of the essential questions in this field. These questions are about personality and suffering. The common thread of Pinocchio’s story is his desire to become a human being. In search of his identity, Pinocchio goes on an initiation journey. The problem of identity leads to the duality of mind / body, to what constitutes one’s essence. To what extent do we remain the same when we change our appearance? Hence the story of an awareness of one’s inner need.
The puppet’s desire to become human is one of the different literary manifestations of the animated / inanimate archetype, being loaded with different connotations and substrates of meaning. An archetypal story due to all its mythical, fairytale and religious references. Desire is the driving force that triggers the final metamorphosis, transforming inanimate matter into a living being. The puppet is, in this context, a metaphor for human formation and fulfillment as a citizen.
One of the most widely read books in the world, considered a metaphor for the human condition, and suitable for a variety of interpretations, the novel has had a great impact on world culture. The book responds to a prerogative that belongs only to masterpieces: that of being out of time.


The Adventures of Pinocchio
– I How it came to pass that Master Cherry the carpenter found a piece of wood that laughed and cried like a child.
– II Master Cherry makes a present of the piece of wood to his friend Geppetto, who takes it to make for himself a wonderful puppet, that shall know how to dance, and to fence, and to leap like an acrobat.
– III Geppetto having returned home begins at once to make a puppet, to which he gives the name of Pinocchio. The first tricks played by the puppet.
– IV The story of Pinocchio and the Talking-cricket, from which we see that naughty boys cannot endure to be corrected by those who know more than they do.
– V Pinocchio is hungry and searches for an egg to make himself an omelet; but just at the most interesting moment the omelet flies out of the window.
– VI Pinocchio falls asleep with his feet on the brazier, and wakes in the morning to find them burnt off.
– VII Geppetto returns home, makes the puppet new feet, and gives him the breakfast that the poor man had brought for himself.
– VIII Geppetto makes Pinocchio new feet, and sells his own coat to buy him a Spelling-book.
– IX Pinocchio sells his Spelling-book that he may go and see a puppet-show.
– X The puppets recognise their brother Pinocchio, and receive him with delight; but at that moment their master Fire-eater makes his appearance and Pinocchio is in danger of coming to a bad end.
– XI Fire-eater sneezes and pardons Pinocchio, who then saves the life of his friend Harlequin.
– XII The showman Fire-eater makes Pinocchio a present of five gold pieces to take home to his father Geppetto: but Pinocchio instead allows himself to be taken in by the Fox and the Cat, and goes with them.
– XIII The inn of The Red Craw-fish.
– XIV Pinocchio, because he would not heed the good counsels of the Talking-cricket, falls amongst assassins.
– XV The assassins pursue Pinocchio; and having overtaken him hang him to a branch of the Big Oak.
– XVI The beautiful Child with blue hair has the puppet taken down: has him put to bed and calls in three doctors to know if he is alive or dead.
– XVII Pinocchio eats the sugar, but will not take his medicine: when, however, he sees the grave-diggers, who have arrived to carry him away, he takes it. He then tells a lie, and as a punishment his nose grows longer.
– XVIII Pinocchio meets again the Fox and the Cat, and goes with them to bury his money in the Field of miracles.
– XIX Pinocchio is robbed of his money, and as a punishment he is sent to prison for four months.
– XX Liberated from prison, he starts to return to the Fairy’s house; but on the road he meets with a horrible serpent, and afterwards he is caught in a trap.
– XXI Pinocchio is taken by a peasant, who obliges him to fill the place of his watch-dog in the poultry-yard.
– XXII Pinocchio discovers the robbers, and as a reward for his fidelity is set at liberty.
– XXIII Pinocchio mourns the death of the beautiful Child with the blue hair. He then meets with a pigeon who flies with him to the seashore, and there he throws himself into the water to go to the assistance of his father Geppetto.
– XXIV Pinocchio arrives at the island of the ‘Industrious Bees,’ and finds the Fairy again.
– XXV Pinocchio promises the Fairy to be good and studious, for he is quite sick of being a puppet and wishes to become an exemplary boy.
– XXVI Pinocchio accompanies his schoolfellows to the sea-shore to see the terrible Dog-fish.
– XXVII Great fight between Pinocchio and his companions. One of them is wounded, and Pinocchio is arrested by the gendarmes.
– XXVIII Pinocchio is in danger of being fried in a frying-pan like a fish.
– XXIX He returns to the Fairy’s house. She promises him that the following day he shall cease to be a puppet and shall become a boy. Grand breakfast of coffee and milk to celebrate this great event.
– XXX Pinocchio, instead of becoming a boy, starts secretly with his friend Candlewick for the ‘Land of Boobies.’
– XXXI After five months’ residence in the land of Cocagne, Pinocchio, to his great astonishment, grows a beautiful pair of donkey’s ears, and he becomes a little donkey, tail and all.
– XXXII Pinocchio gets donkey’s ears; and then he becomes a real little donkey and begins to bray.
– XXXIII Pinocchio, having become a genuine little donkey, is taken to be sold, and is bought by the director of a company of buffoons to be taught to dance, and to jump through hoops: but one evening he lames himself, and then he is bought by a man who purposes to make a drum of his skin.
– XXXIV Pinocchio having been thrown into the sea is eaten by the fish and becomes a puppet as he was before. Whilst he is swimming away to save his life he is swallowed by the terrible Dog-fish.
– XXXV Pinocchio finds in the body of the Dog-fish . . . whom does he find? Read this chapter and you will know.
– XXXVI Pinocchio at last ceases to be a puppet and becomes a boy.
A Children’s Book for Adults
– Carlo Collodi
– The Adventures of Pinocchio
– Pinocchio
– The Myth
– The Psychology
– The Duality
– The Heterotopy
– The Identity
– Artificial Intelligence
– The Humanism
– The Becoming
– The Demiurge
– The Education
– Bibliography
Publishing House
– MultiMedia Publishing

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Carlo Collodi


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